System RO (Online Registration Software) is an authorized system that provides intuitive, structured and automated services for the registration process. The system allows you to book on line - not excluding the telephone registration.

The system easily manages the registration of visits to the doctor, to a beauty or photo salon, or at a law firm. This software will support and automate arranging consultation or horse riding, etc. If you appreciate the order, innovation and needs of the people, this software is for you.



Basic features:

- self-booking at a convenient time and a convenient place,
- automatic reminders about the upcoming visits,
- order,
- easy contact with customers,
- easy integration with your website,
- adjusting to website colours and designs,
- constant technical support.


Advantages for end-customers:

- comfortable registration at any time,
possibility of precise thinking and individual choice of avisit,
- no charge for end-customers,
- no frustration because of a busy line,
- intuitive and readable
insight into the appointment calendar,
- a reminder of the upcoming


Advantages for company/institution:

- easy of use and facilitation in the daily work,
- saving the time and money,
- order,
- better work organisation with advanced sorting,
- history of visits, reports, prints,
- automatic reminders,
- no double bookings,
- stand out from the competition,
- technological innovation in modern company/institution,
- and the most important: making life easier!


If you want to facilitate using your services by your customers, contact with us.

We will launch the system for you and your customers will can register for services from anywhere at any time. They will not be stressed because of busy phone lines. Available dates will be clearly visible and the registration process will take them just a few seconds.


We offer the NETECOM Online Registration software for many trades:

  • medical clinics
  • law firms
  • hair, beauty and massage salons
  • photo studios
  • consultation offices
  • psychological clinics
  • driving schools
  • motor vehicle inspection stations
  • and many more


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